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All the "Electromagnetic Expert" tests

How to choose your electric bulbs ?
Attenuation tests for anti-wave paints to be found on the market
mise à la terre des équipements pour stopper les champs électrique de 50 Hz
"Electromagnetic Expert" innovation : the ground cord with eyelet
rayonnement du cpl des compteurs linky
What are the solutions to protect against the PLC smart meter radiation?
filtres anti linky avis
filters efficiency against PLC signal from Smart meters
rayonnement radiofréquence Linky par David BRUNO
Highlighting the Smart meter PLC signal penetration in domestic electrical installation
compteur d'eau radiofréquence
The truth about connected water meters
La gaine blindée contre le Linky
Efficiency test on Flex-a-ray shielded sheathing
laboratoire de mesure ondes expertise
Performance tests on anti-wave fabrics and canvases according to radiation frequencies
danger rayonnements électromagnétique dans l'habitat
Electromagnetic radiation from a PLC domestic adaptor in the home
danger rayonnement téléphone portable
Should you phone in 2G, 3G or 4G ?
démagnétisation des pneuspour réduire le champ magnétique
Solutions to reduce exposure to electric fields during car travel
protection champ magnétique
MuMetal against the (50Hz or 60 Hz) electric field
rayonnement des lignes à haute tension
24h recording of the magnetic field from high-voltage power lines
protection contre les antennes relais
24h recording of emission power from a relay antenna
puce RFID
Radiofrequency radiation from an RFID transmitter
test smartphone par david bRUNO
Actual effectiveness of anti-wave pouches and cases for smartphones
test d'efficacité du FAZUP
Anti radiation stickers for mobile phone
alarme sans ondes RISCO
Electromagnetic radiation from a house alarm
Real precision of anti-wave measuring devices available on the market