Grounding Cord with Eyelet

The idea is to ground the equipment powered by continuous low voltage DC – Internet box, telephone with wired handset, ECO DECT phone (often placed on the desktop), various devices on charge, Switch, Hub, fibre optic converter/RJ45…. in short, when the grounding USB cord solution does not allow it (no built-in USB port or metal USB not connected to the device’s metal frame).

Images are better than words, see the following examples :

The socket (left part) is connected to the ground connector of the electrical wall outlet. The eyelet (right side) makes contact with the ground wire of the device low voltage power supply to the electric ground.

1// Example to connect the internet BOX to the electric ground

Cordless : 290 V/m

With cord : 1,2 V/m

2// Example to connect a DECT phone to the electric ground

Cordless : 107 V/m

With cord : 12,3 V/m

3// Example to connect a device to the electric ground

Cordless : 325 V/m

With cord : 0,9 V/m


         The inner diameter must be 5 to 6 mm

Summary of the devices that can be grounded using this principle : tested when carrying out diagnostics

> Low tension lamp with external charger (without USB port)

> Digital piano (external charger)

> Switch or Hub

> IP telephone

> Basic telephone with wired hand-set

> Optical fibre converter towards RJ45

> Low voltage check box balance

> Any charger 

> Respiratory device (against sleep apnea) 

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