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When the health of those you love is at stake, it becomes necessary to seek the advice of specialists who are both qualified and experienced in the field 

of electromagnetic assessment

The Area of electromagnetic pollution requires a high level of Scientific rigour and competence : ELECTROMAGNETIC EXPERT applies not only the principles of transparency and rigour but is also entirely independent. We do not supply and types of protective material for electromagnetic radiation.

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Our measuring instruments

Do electric filters offer protection against the radiations from the PLC Smart meters ?

Special 5G File: what will be the actual emission level used by 5G antenna mast ?

This is a unique project in France and will be the first of its kind to create seven white zones inside the Grand Espace Documentaire (next to Paris) within the Cordorcet d’Aubervilliers campus.

projet de zone blanche piloté par la région ile de france
“Electromagnetic Expert” has been mandated by the Ile-de-France region to carry out this project

WIFI relays in schools

WIFI is now extensively present in schools With WIFI boosters installed in classrooms: Let’s get mobilized and take action in favour of digital schools free from electromagnetic waves! The Association has independent studies acknowledge this launched an internationwide petition.

Exposing children to electromagnetic radiation

Artificial waves are everywhere in homes, workplaces, schools & nurseries...

Chronic exposure to electromagnetic fields has a real impact on health. All independent studies acknowledge this impact. However, it is quite possible to benefit from progress and new technologies while practising. Preservation techniques against electromagnetic pollution.

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