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David BRUNO is a recognized expert in the field of electromagnetic waves

He has trained several engineering research departments in electromagnetic diagnostic : Ecoondes, Ondorama, Dyagem… et bien d’autres diagnostiqueurs des ondes indépendants.

David BRUNO is a recognized expert in the field of electromagnetics and the author of the book “Electromagnetic Pollution”, a complete guide.

He is the founder of the engineering study office ONDES EXPERTISE.

A civil aviation engineer, David BRUNO started his career in 1998 as a ground radar and airport approach engineer.

He is a consultant and  trainer in the field of electromagnetic pollution,

and for many years has been developing effective diagnostic methods aimed at reducing to a maximum peoples’ exposure to electromagnetic waves. He constantly tests and carries out research to find the best solutions for protection.

The diagnostics he carries out in private homes and in businesses are totally independent and clearly explained.

Lecturer in electronic waves

Associations, groups, management agents, local authorities, schools, nurseries. If you are looking for quality answers on the subject or wish to organize an awareness conference, contact David BRUNO.

Here are specific themes treated during conferences

PLC Smart meter, mobile phone relay antennas, high-voltage power lines, sources of electromagnetic pollution in homes, sources of electromagnetic pollution in the outside environment, safe use of new technologies, electromagnetic pollution in public transport, electromagnetic pollution in apartment blocks.

diagnostic des ondes

Member of the group “A Nos Ondes(Pays Salonais), he regularly holds conferences on themes linked to electromagnetic waves (electromagnetic pollution in the home and protection methods,  PLC Smart meters, mobile phone masts and high-voltage power lines….)