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Offer your employees a workspace free from permanent electromagnetic pollution

With the new decree 2016/1074 concerning the protection of the workforce against risks due to electromagnetic fields, an employer has the obligation to inform his employees of risks linked to exposure in the workplace. The aim of this decree is to improve workers’ health.

"ELECROMAGNETIC EXPERT" proposes going much further in the approach to the safeguarding of health and has introduced a label which is a guarantee of real protection against permanent electromagnetic pollution.

label diagnostic électromagnétique


This label can be attributed after having reduced the intensity of electromagnetic radiation to a minimum followingprofessional electromagnetic carried out by Ondes Expertise. It guarantees an extremely weak permanent exposure level to electromagnetic pollution according to the threshold values advocated by independent scientific studies which apply “the precaution principle” (German Biology Standards in Building and Bio-Initiative 2012).

Important: The Ondes Expertise label is valid in the conditions outlined in the diagnostic report you will receive and takes into account the permanent radiation values measured in places where people spend the most of their time on the dates and times indicated. The label is no longer valid when a new transmitter is installed nearby (mobile phone mast, radar) or any other new source of permanent radiation (high-voltage power lines).


Offer your clients sleep protected from electromagnetic pollution

label sur les ondes électromagnétiques
Le label SOPREM®

SOPREM (Sleep preserved from electromagnetic radiation) is the first label which guarantees an extremely low exposure level to electromagnetic pollution when sleeping.

This label mainly concerns hotels, gîtes, Air B&B accommodation…SOPREM® is a label developed by 

« Electromagnetic Expert »

More information on the SOPREM® label

Le label SOPREM garanti une protection contre les ondes électromagnétiques de manière optimal la nuit. Le label SOPREM a été crée par ondes expertise. Ondes expertise propose également des diagnostics électromagnétiques ainsi que des formations en diagnostic électromagnétiques