This vulgarized professional training course is open to everyone.

The programme covers 3 days during which time you are in total immersion in the home of one of the participants together with the other trainees. The course is made up of 80% practical training and 20% theory.

Together we shall carry out around the place of venue a minimum of 6 diagnostics in real-life conditions in the home (apartments, individual houses). You and I shall discover together the various places to be tested.


The carrying out of 6 diagnostics is a minimum (not only in an apartment or house but also in company offices and other workplaces) in order to discover and find solutions for the most common problems (relay antennas facing the location, nearby high-voltage power lines, the neighbour’s WIFI, WIFI hubs and DECT in offices, PLC electric smart meter, radiation from a work station, from the home computer, near a bed… )


From the very beginning, this training offers the possibility of acquiring solid experience.

I shall share with you everything that my experience has taught me and demonstrate the most effective professional electromagnetic diagnostic techniques which are constantly updated as new discoveries and more advanced technologies come to light. I have already held training courses in other countries (United Kingdom, Belgium (Brussels) and in Switzerland).


The programme explained in a few lines…

> Demonstration and testing the key steps of an electromagnetic diagnostic. Implementation by the trainees.

Unique in France: demonstration of the measurement of the real radiation levels emitted by the PLC Smart meter with the Narda 9Khz to 300 Mhz probe. You can be quite confident in advising your future customers the use of the filters which have proved to be extremely efficient.

> Presentation and use of the different wave-measuring tools that can be found on the retail market (Gigahertz, Cornet, Envionic, TES, Emfield, TM, ESI…). You will learn the truth about the precision of all available measuring apparatus.

> Practical use of adapted wave-measuring tools in order to be efficient in carrying out a good quality electromagnetic diagnostic.


Presentation of protection products to be found on the market and their testing by the trainees (anti-smartmeter filters, shielded electric sheathing, protective canvas and material against radio frequency bands, IAC, grounding cable….)


The effective implementation of solutions for protecting against all sources of electromagnetic pollution (relay antennas, PLC Smart meter, domestic electrical installations, mobile phones, computer materials (office corner), neighbouring WIFI…)

I shall show you which are the most efficient materials, canvases and paints (tested by myself with the NARDA spectrum analyser) and to be used according to the type of radio source than needs to be attenuated : relay antennas 2/3/4G, 5G relay antennas, FM transmitters, WIFI ….

How to draw up a complete diagnostic report.

ONDES EXPERTISE has specifically developed an indispensable paper documentation which will be distributed to each participant. This contains, amongst others :


A precise procedure for carrying out diagnostics in which you can have total confidence and use as a support for your future tests.

> A data base of proven products for protection.

> A clear summary on protection threshold values, a simplified spectrum of frequencies….