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Training in electromagnetic diagnostics :
commentaries from participants

Florent Gontier – Rental Property Manager

After having read David Bruno’s book, I thought it would be a good timeto follow the 3-day training course in order to apply the knowledge gained from it.

Today I can say that these 3 days have been extremely beneficial in terms of obtaining the necessary knowledge for carrying out procedures which achieve high quality diagnostics.

I would also like to thank David for his people skills, his attentiveness, his integrity and his ability to transmit the latest up-to-date information on the subject since there is absolutely no doubt that he is at the cutting edge in his area of studies.

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Bertrand Chevalérias – Instructor in geobiology accredited GEOBIOS

I wish to thank David Bruno for the quality of his practical training course. Many different situations are studied and treated whether it be in the area of low or hyper-frequencies and the most apt solutions are proposed.

Concerning the detection materials, the trainees are instructed in the best way to use them. Answers to our questions are well thought out and are always clear and precise.

Participants receive a documentation which helps them to become quickly self-sufficient. The objective has been fully achieved. Thank you David !

Stéphane CHARLES – project manager/heat engineer in ecological/green building

After a personal attempt to apprehend the field of electromagnetic waves, I quickly understood that in order to be in a position where I could offer advice to my clients and correctly include this aspect in the conception of my projects, I needed to acquire a deeper knowledge of the subject. It therefore seemed quite natural to me to approach the author of the book from which I had learned so much.

So, I decided to sign up for a training course with David BRUNO and the result was as good as I expected.

The teaching is clear and precise offering the possibility of a better insight without getting lost in a mass of new information. There are a lot of practical exercises covering different situations with an easy-to-follow methodology.

In order to be quickly operational and efficient in carrying out diagnostics, there is an analysis of the measuring instruments available and their limitations. To sum up, a complete and rigorous training course that uses good teaching methods plus group conviviality. What more could you ask for ?

Julien Ferreira – Stage & TV Actor

This course is a « must » for a person wishing to become anexperienced diagnostician. At the end of the training you have the necessary knowledge of standards and the possibilities that exist to not only protect one’s direct environment but environment in general.

It also englobes practical exercises with a coach who is an engineer at the top of his profession. The correct gestures are important when it comes to carrying out diagnostics. We have 3 days in which to learn the correct way.

As a person who is electro-hypersensitive, I learned how to protect myself and those around me. I now have the wish and the required skills to make this my profession.

Luc Prin – Engineer

A very informative training with a lot of practical exercises including real diagnostics both in private homes and in businesses. When it comes to theory, just the right amount!

Thank you, David Site:

Anne-Sophie Graipin – engineer (INSA de Lyon) undergoing retraining

An intense and serious course which takes place in a happy atmosphere. Trainees are introduced to various measuring instruments ranging from the simplest to those used by professionals. Above all we are able to handle them under real-life conditions which helps understand the specific gesture required with each type of measure and/or instrument. The variety of cases (workplace, house, apartment, outside environment) teaches us how to appraise the different issues that can arise and the protection strategies that can be offered. This is a very comprehensive training course because David also initiates his students in the use of protection products. Not only have we been able to see their effectiveness and implementation but above all he proposes a protocol which, when followed, enables the establishing of a structured, quality diagnostic which is very reassuring not only for the client but also for the diagnostician.A big « Thank You » to David for sharing his advice, his expert tips, his passion….

Machet Yannick – Electrician and specialist technician in LIFI

The Ondes Expertise training lead by David BRUNO has proved extremely complementary to my job as a low frequency electrician and an integrator of LiFi solutions. The invisible side of low and high frequency waves is illustrated with great accuracy.

The instruments used to carry out audits are serious and the results obtained facilitate the work of the diagnostician in offering real solutions not only in the realm of prevention and protection for people, but also for the environment. An absolutely essential accompaniment for new-world actors. Thank you, David!

Oltardy Olivier – real estate diagnostician

3 days to cover the subject and nothing is left to chance: a heavy schedule, theory reduced to a minimum leaving time for practical exercices !

And there we have several possibilities: from the workplace to the home via the supermarket and surrounding environment, we (the trainees) try out the instruments, regulate them according to the types of waves to be measured then advocate which protective measures should be applied.

Thavaud Nicolas – Therapist, Paris 20 ème

If you are going to choose a training course, it might as well be with the most experienced and well-known specialist in France!

Aware of electromagnetic fields through their impact on the health of my clients in holistic well-being, it became apparent to me that in order to improve their chances of recovery, I should be able to offer them the possibility of having quality professional diagnostics in electromagnetic pollution carried out in their homes.  The training proposed by David is serious, complete and impassioned with just the necessary amount of theory! Real-life examples (in private homes, businesses or external environments) offer trainees the chance to acquire a complete experience in the field of diagnostics as well as total immersion in the job of consultant auditor in electromagnetic fields. Thank you to David, for having so generously shared his knowledge and experience in such an enthusiastic way.

Deblois Frédéric – Geobiologist

The Ondes Expertise training helps participants understand the real impact that electromagnetism has on health.

Detection and measuring take place in real-life situations and solutions that are proposed and implemented are in line with the problems at hand.

The trainer, David BRUNO is very enthusiastic and has excellent knowledge of the subject which he passes on during the course.

This short and condensed training provides the savoir-faire necessary in order to carry out serious analyses for detecting electromagnetic pollution.

Jean-Claude Schmitz – Geo-biologist/Radiethesist

As a retired electrical engineer, I have carried out installations in many buildings, both industrial and non-industrial, without the health aspect of electromagnetic pollution ever being mentioned and not even included in the building specifications. I believe that training courses such as the ones offered by David BRUNO will, in the long-run, lead to giving this subject more consideration. In the meantime, I returned home with knowledge of the methods to be employed and the necessary tools for immediate implementation.  Up until now, in spite of my activities in the realm of geobiology (diagnostics and training courses), I found myself unable to help those who suffer from hyper electro-sensitivity. Now I do not just have objective information on the subject (as a scientist I need that), but I also now have at my disposal solutions that can be readily implemented as remedies against the harmful effects of artificial electromagnetic waves. This extremely practical training course has taught me how to carry out “real” diagnostics in a school and in different types of homes and buildings. We were able to take the time to list everything that could be done at that moment and we were able to offer remedial solutions to the occupiers. The size of the group (6 trainees) enabled fruitful exchanges of ideas between specialists and non-specialists. To sum up: I thoroughly recommend this training course to any person wishing to carry out serious and reliable diagnostics. There is no lack of either teaching tools or of case studies. My website: /

JB. SCHMITZ – Real Estate Diagnostician in the department of the VAR

Thank you David ! This training enabled me to assimilate practical knowledge through the study of various situations and to follow the implementation of a protocol. Above all, it taught how to propose the installation of adequate, inexpensive and easy solutions in order to reduce exposure to electromagnetic waves. It was also an occasion of sharing and interesting encounters ; a big « thank you » to Roseline who welcomed us into her home.

Bruno Cardona – Agronomist and building engineer

For several years I have been a geobiologist (certified ERGE) in French-speaking Switzerland. With the increasing development of electromagnetic fields and questions surrounding their effects and being aware that I myself have a problem with EMC, I wanted to improve my knowledge in detection and protection strategies.

David offers high level « in situ » training (homes, offices, external environment) using professional materials supplied by himself as well the instruments that participants bring along. There is just the amount of theory needed. In order to follow this course, it’s advisable to have read his book and/or have good knowledge of electricity and EMC. The training is very intense (6 diagnostics over a 3-day period).

David is passionate about the subject and puts a lot of effort into the course. Also, the system of total immersion in a home enables on-going exchanges from breakfast through to dinner – always with good humour and excellent teaching practices.

FABRE Nicolas – Electrician - region of PACA (company: MIDI CONCEPT)

Self-employed electrician for the past 17 years. David’s approach is very precise and technical and he knows how to provide concrete answers to questions. The training course run by David Bruno enabled me to connect the technical side within the home and tertiary questions while highlighting the negative effects in these networks.

Claudette Vinet – Local civil servant, Lycée région Charente-Maritime

David is a trainer who really knows his field! He passed on all the information needed and we experienced carrying out diagnostics in real situations. This has provided us with an excellent grounding to initiate this new adventure.

Ce fût trois jours en immersion intensifs où David n’a pas compté son temps et a répondu à  toutes nos questions techniques sur l ‘utilisation des différents appareils de mesure.

It was three days of an intensive immersion where David was very generous with his time and replied to all technical questions concerning the use of the various measuring instruments.

Joel Cappiot – Coach in geobiology and electromagnetic pollution

I took part in the training course with David Bruno that took place 10,11, 12 January 2020 in the department of La Creuse on the Millevaches plateau.

I am a geobiologist and member of the French Geobiology Federation. I also act as an instructor for this federation coaching 5 sections including electromagnetism.

During this training I was able to update and confirm not only what I already knew but also learned how to use a method with a protocol & practiced with measuring instruments that I don’t have. It also gave me the possibility to get a better grasp on elements that beforehand had appeared fragile to me. All this took place at homes of clients, in a town hall including the implementation of means of protection and the measuring of their level of performance.

Three intense days but rich in information. Three days with David, his patience, pragmatism, professionalism and good humour.

The inter-action with the other participants was also very rich, particularly as we shared midday and evening mealtimes with only one group member unable to join us in the evening. Thanks to all for these memorable moments.


Gordeaux Sophie

Extremely aware of ElectroMagnetic Compatibility due to its impact on my health, David’s book provided many answers to my questions. This encouraged me to sign up for the practical training session that he runs brilliantly! I particularly appreciated the groundwork (in diverse areas: co-working, wood-built house, apartment, business premises) using the different measuring tools made available for the trainees. The result of these three intensive training days is extremely successful enabling the students to acquire hands-on knowledge and David is very generous in conveying information and transmitting key elements to help us become independent in this sphere!

Duhalde Sébastien – Electrician

Here’s the sort of training course that I like! With the basic theory mainly in his book, we were able to carry out hands-on practice in the field with a number of actual cases. That in itself has been an experience that gives us the necessary confidence for later. The trainer is at the top of his field. No need for bla-bla – if you are looking for a serious training course, this is it!

Perigaud Sébastien - Geobiologist

The training offered by David Bruno is a total immersion in the reality of expertise in the field of electromagnetic waves. As for his book, it brings us the theory which can be easily understood by the average person. Beyond the theory and the measuring « in situ », David offers his clients viable solutions. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge which is a real pleasure. I recommend this training course to any person who is interested in the influence of artificial energies on health and well-being.

Anne-Béryl DORY – Administrative and financial director

Here is David Bruno’s recipe to fulfil the wishes of those who participate in his training course!

A good dose of electromagnetic pollutant spectrum, a handful of diagnostics, 2 spoonfulls of wave-measuring instruments, a sprig of official standards, a measure of generosity, 3 pinches of effective protection solutions and slab of electromagnetic fields. Peel a few notions of electricity, add a little bit of electric shielding, a few PLC’s, Linky, WIFI, relay antennas and sprinkle the mixture with good humour. Blend in a high and low frequency detector for 3 days.

Health professionals, electricians, people in the throes of changing profession or just curious, there is a place for each and every one in this training course. Run by a person who is passionate about his job, the course is spearheaded by the sharing of knowledge and feed-back.

Last but not least, a synergy comes into being within this small group where each person is invited to speak not just during the teaching but also during the diagnostics which take place under real conditions.

A big « thank you » to David Bruno for having injected us with his energy which no doubt plays a large part in our having acquired a solid experience.

Lukic Robert - Geneva

Apart from the meticulous respect of the protocols that are in place to carry out a diagnostic, I was most appreciative of your skills and professional rigour when taking measurements. I was extremely impressed by the real solutions that exist to offer clients in order to address the pollution issues that were noted. I had thought that it would be difficult to do much about this aspect but that is not the case. Your good humour and your modesty along with the rest lead me to compliment you on this training course that I would recommend to anyone who seriously wishes to increase their skills and offer solutions. I wish you a good luck for the future – Robert.

Alonso Lionel – Electrician in Biocompatibility -

« 3-day professional formation » David is extremely pragmatic and has good listening skills. He conveys his knowledge with great teaching methodology.

This course includes intensive practical exercises which take the form of carrying out diagnostics in several places and finding the issues that are the most prevalent by measuring the diverse and varied sources of emission, whether in high or low frequencies. As an electrician who is highly aware of electromagnetic fields, this course has enabled me to improve my knowledge of, amongst other things, induction phenomena and consequently fine-tune the use of my measuring instruments. Thank you, David for this immersion course which I have found beneficial from all points of view. If you decide to run a Level 2 course or one with a theme – i.e. 5G or similar, I shall be delighted to join you.

MOREAU Xavier – Geo-biologist registered GEOBIOS

Extremely good practical training with a minimum amount of clear and concise theory. This method encourages the students to increase their knowledge thus enabling a better understanding of the various phenomena and harmful effects of electromagnetic waves on public health. Both the protocol and methodology used are efficient and are a great help when it comes to carrying out serious, good-quality diagnostics. Varied and concrete practical exercises were performed in situ (in individual homes, businesses and a school). David provided us with the different detection and measuring materials and tools that were necessary for the upcoming diagnostics. The analyses of the different situations encountered and the proposed solutions, of which many have already been tested, are a real added value. A technical trainer then overseer in the building trade before becoming geo-biologist, I took great pleasure in following this training. David knows how to put himself within everyone’s reach and the members of the group were very friendly. I met some interesting people. Thank you, David!

Xavier Moreau


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