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Electromagnetic diagnostic carried out in the nursery "Les Marmots" run by the regional council of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

Objectives of the assessment

  • To confort to the 2015 law « Abeille » which formally forbids the use of WIFI for internet access in municipal nurseries.
  • Protect children in those nurseries from radiation from relay antennas situated at 60 meters.

To go even further than the Abeille Law in the approach to prevention

  • Totally protect children from all permanent forms of artificial electromagnetic pollution (low frequency electric and magnetic fields of 50 Hz, radio frequency radiations from DECT-based telephones, , WIFI, Bluetooth, mobile phone masts…
  • The aim is to obtint throughout the nursery permanent the threshold values which really provide long-term protection – that is to say the threshold values inspired by the German Building Biology Standards SBM 2015
diagnostic crèche du conseil régional région PACA à Marseille

Relay antennas situated at 60 meters from the nursery

Meeting room next to the nursery with permanent WIFI

Installation of a shielding partition between the meeting room and the nursery in order to greatly reduce the waves emitted by the WIFI. It consists of a dry wall to which has been added a Yshield HNG80 over the entire surface.

Loi Abeille de 2015 interdisant le WIFI dans les crèches

Measurement displayed facing relay antennas 9,5 mW/m²  (soit 9500 μW/m²)

Measure of the WIFI intensité (2.4 GHz et 5 GHz) on the side of the nursery : 1726 μW/m²

Protéger crèche WIFI

The radiation coming from external relay antennas is extremely week inside the nursery : this can be explained to a large extent by the installation of windows with "low emittance levels" (fine layer of metal in the glass). The measure here is 2.7 μW/m² for all five frequency bands of the exterior relay antennas (objective : > 10 μW/m² obtained).

Measure of the WIFI intensity (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) on the side of the nursery : 4 μW/m² ( objective > 10 μW/m² obtained).
As a result of installing this shielding wall, we have been able to obtain an excellent mitigation in WIFI intensity (over 400).

Diagnostic électromagnétique d'une crèche à Marseille

Measure of intensité of the permanent 50 Hz Electric Field in the living and dressing areas of the home. here 1.7 V/m.
Less than 5 V/m obtained in areas where children spend time (objective achieved).

Measure of intensity of the permanent 50 Hz magnetic Field in the living and dressing areas of the home : here 13 nT.
Less than 50 nT obtained in areas where children spend time (objective achieved).

mesure des ondes dans une crèche
champ magnétique dans une crèche

Award of the ELECTROMAGNETIC EXPERT Label to the nursery "les Marmots"

label diagnostic électromagnétique