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Reasons to call on the services of an “Electromagnetic Expert” tests and measures laboratory

« Electromagnetic Expert » checks the precision of your measuring devices or the effectiveness of your anti-wave protection products in real conditions.


Who are these tests for ?

  • Makers electromagnetic protection products

  • Manufacturers of electromagnetic wave measuring instruments

  • Individuals or companies who wish to test an anti-wave innovative system

  • Companies wishing to develop a product with little or no wave emissions

How are these tests carried out ?

Tested under real-life conditions, for example facing 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G mobile phone relay antennas, near a WiFi BOX, an FM transmitter, radar, PLC Smart meter radiation. It is also possible to register the intensity of electromagnetic waves over a more or less long term.

We highlight with impartiality protection products against waves or wave-free products

Our publications have a national impact

With the manufacturer’s agreement, we publish and distribute the results of all tests carried out

  • to all anti-wave associations and EHS at a national level in Switzerland as well as in Belgium with whom we have excellent contacts (CRIIREM, PRIARTEM, Robin des Toits, Family Ondes, POEM26….)

  • to all the professional consultants in the national network trained by Ondes Expertise

  • in our reference book “Electromagnetic Pollution” a complete guide, edited and updated every year

  • to all internet sites specializing in electromagnetic protection products.
laboratoire de mesure ondes expertise

Tests on products are carried out in laboratory conditions

Many manufacturers of protection solutions against electromagnetic waves (anti-wave materials, anti-smartmeter filters) have their products certified by accredited measuring laboratories such as EMITECH or others….


A positive test for a product in laboratory conditions is in no way a guarantee of effectiveness or performance under real conditions : example for the case of anti-smartmeter filters

Even if it is perhaps indispensable to have a common and reliable normalized measuring base in laboratory conditions (in an anechoic or semi-anechoic room in order to compare, for example, different products in the same category) it is above all necessary to check real-life usage.

Product tests carried out by Ondes Expertise under real conditions

The performance attenuation declared by manufacturers of materials, canvases, paints according to the emission frequencies of electromagnetic waves, are not a reflection of the real performance when measured, for example, opposite a relay antenna, radar, a WiFi BOX, a DECT telephone or an FM radio transmitter.

Electromagnetic Expert proposes independently testing the efficiency of your anti-wave protection products.

We put forward and promote the best protection products in order to guarantee the best possible attenuation of electromagnetic pollution in the homes or businesses of our clients.

Calibrated measuring instruments

NARDA SRM 3006 (9 KHz à 6 GHz) Spectrum analyser certified COFRAC

NARDA probe 3531/04

exemple of tests performed with this probe

filtres anti linky avis

Calibration service for individual and professional devices

Electromagnetic wave measuring devices currently on sale very often underestimate the real values of electromagnetic radiation. In order to correct this, I propose calibrating your measuring devices in order to render them virtually as precise as laboratory devices such as the NARDA probe.

What is a calibration ?

Calibration consists of entering by hand (many devices allow this) a correction value that I shall give you after having compared under real conditions the measures of your device with my reference device NARDA SRM 3006 in front of a relay antenna2G/3G/4G and 5G, WIFI, DECT, FM, TNT and radars….

Once the device is calibrated, I shall return it to you with the correction factors to be entered according to the sources that need measuring (this operation is easy and rapid)

Attention: each device is unique and needs a personalized calibration

précision des appareils de mesure des ondes

What are the steps to be followed ?

1// Send your device

2// I calibrate your device by comparing the displayed measurements of the NARDA reference device with your measures. I shall then modify your device’s correction factor until the two devices display exactly the same measures.

This operation must be repeated in front of each of the most common radiation sources

3// Once your device is calibrated, I shall send it to you with the correction factors to be entered according to the sources that need measuring (relay antenna 2G/3G/4G and 5G, WIFI, DECT, FM, TNT and radars….)

I shall also give you the correct factor that represents the best compromise if you need to measure several sources at the same time.

Calibration cost: 150 Euros

Which devices allow correction factor modification ?

  • TES 92 and 593

  • TM 195 and 196

  • Cornet ED85EXS/ED85EXSplus/ED25G/ED88T/ED88Tplus/ED178S/ED15C

  • Calibration very difficult to carry out on Envionic FA720/725/730/735/845

Which devices do not allow correction factor modification ?

> Acoustimeter AM 10 and AC2

> All the devices of the brands Gigahertz solutions, Rom Elektronik, Fauser and ESI 21/23 and 24

They have put their trust in us

test des appareils Gigahertz par ondes expertise
atténuation des rayonnements du Linky avec le tissu Naturondes
gaine blindée flexaray
test d'atténuation des peintures DURALEX par David BRUNO ondes expertise