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hypersensibilité aux ondes électromagnétiques

Electrosensitivity : is constant exposure to electromagnetic waves endangering your health.

You can no longer endure exposure or overexposure to electromagnetic wavesin your home or at your place of work and you feel that urgent action should be taken !

Hyper-electrosensivity : solutions exist which enable the suppression (or at least the possibility of blocking) harmful waves

Wherever you live in Europe, I can carry out (an efficient diagnostic of your electromagnetic environment)and propose rapid solutions to eradicate exposure or overexposure to electromagnetic radiation within your home and/or in your workplace. Diagnostics and training have been carried out in several countries (United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium and Switzerland).

My experience in this field can bring help to electro-hypersensitivepeople. With the necessary knowledge on how to deal with this problem, they can learn how to limit their level of exposure to electromagnetic fields. 

L’exposition √† des rayonnements √©lectromagn√©tiques ou √† des ondes √©lectromagn√©tiques peut conduire √† devenir √©lectrosensible ou hyper√©lectrosensible. un diagnostic √©lectromagn√©tique est alors urgent pour supprimer les pollutions √©lectromagn√©tiques.