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ELECTROMAGNETIC POLLUTION, full international guide book, by David BRUNO

solution against electromagnetic field pollution

"Primevère" show in France

livre de david bruno au salon primevère de lyon

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Your health in a safe place, thanks to geobiology

Auteur : Alain de Luzan, founder of GEOBIOS

Geology is the study of influences that certain environments can have on the health of living things : humans, animals and plants. This book studies the impact of the permanent aggressions that we are unknowingly often subject to : electric pollution due to high-voltage power lines and to the many devices that we equip our homes with such as mobile phones as well as chemical pollution, noise and the proliferation of nuclear risks… It explains the essential role played by telluric currents, underground water and ionizing radiation.

Consultant for training in geobiology

French school for Geobiology : GEOBIOS