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Individual and professional electromagnetic diagnostic training has been especially developed to answer questions on a wide range of subjects

When a person’s state of health is linked to chronic exposure to electromagnetic waves, it is important to propose high performance protection solutions in order to reduce permanent exposure to electromagnetic waves

Protection solutions against all type of electromagnetic waves

> Which are the best wave-attenuating products according to the source to be treated?

> What is the best solution to attenuate waves from PLC Smart meter, WiFi, 2G/3G/4G relay antennas, 5G relay antennas, FM radio transmitters,

> Electromagnetic Expert is the only laboratory to have carried out tests under real conditions (and not in a laboratory!) on virtually all anti-wave fabrics, canvases and paints available on the market in order to reply to your questions during training.

> Anti-wave fabrics manufactured by Swiss Shield, Yshield, Naturondes….

> Anti-wave paints manufactured by Yshield (HSF54, PRO 54) and Duralex

> Canvases manufactured by Yshield (HNG, HNV, HEG, NAV03, EMC….)

> Inexpensive protection materials suitable for small budgets: survival blankets, aluminium and other..

All there is to know about the PLC electric Smart meter

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> How does thePLC Smart meter work?

> What is the true value of PLC Smart meter radiation?

> How to block waves from the PLC Smart meter

Do electric filters really block PLC from electric Smart meters?

> Which anti-smartmeter filters should be avoided?

>Does the automatic field switch also offer protection against radiation from PLC Smart meters ?

> Does shielded sheathing and cabling also protect from PLC Smart meter radiation?

> Does a canopy made of shielded fabric also protect against PLC Smart meter radiation?

> Which shielding products offer effective protection against PLC Smart meter radiation (paints, fabrics, canvases?

Electromagnetic Expert has tested virtually all possible solutions to protect against PLC from Smart meters with the Narda probe (it can measure waves between 9KHz to 300 MHz)

Actual precision of wave-measuring devices to be found on the market

Whether it concerns measuring devices for use by the general publicprofessional or semi-professional apparatus, it is important to know how precise they really are in regards as to what is to be measured (WiFi, relay antennas, radars..).

Ondes expertise has tested virtually all the measuring devices for their precision, detection sensitivity…to be able to provide answers for all your questions during training.

Examples of measuring devices tested:

ESI 21 / 22 / 23 / 24

Acoustimeter AM10 and AC2

Cornet ED88T/ 88T plus / ED85EXS plus

HF59B / HFW59D / HF38B Gigahertz

TES 92 / TES 593

Envionic FA720 / 730 / 740 / 845

ME3030B, NFA1000, ME3840B Gigahertz

Trifield TF2

A well-completed training gives the necessary qualifications to reply to the most frequent questions asked by beginners concerning waves during electromagnetic diagnostics or
during conferences on the subject

Here, as an example, is a list of real questions asked during the carrying out of electromagnetic diagnostics

How can you block waves from a Smart meter ?

Does protection exist against radiation from PLC Smart meters or Wireless Smart meters?

How can you reduce waves in a home?

How can you measure electromagnetic waves?

How can you get rid of negative waves in a home?How do you measure electromagnetic waves in your own home?

Why are waves dangerous?

Why do waves goes through walls?

Why do waves stop you sleeping well?

Why are waves dangerous to health?

Do any plants exist that can counter electromagnetic waves?

Are there special cacti against electromagnetic waves?

Are anti-wave patches for mobile phone effective?

Do WiFi waves perturb sleep?

Are mobile phone waves dangerous for a baby?

Do Bluetooth headphones or ear pieces represent a health danger?

What are the effects of waves on the brain?

How can we protect ourselves from waves?

How dangerous are electromagnetic waves?

What are the symptoms of electrosensitivity?

How do you block electromagnetic waves?

Do isolation materials exist?

Why are we sensitive to waves?

How do you measure electromagnetic waves in a house?

How can you detect electromagnetic waves?

What are the allergies to electromagnetic waves?

What is my exposure to electromagnetic waves?

What are the effects of electromagnetic waves on the human body?

Which are the most harmful waves in homes?

What is the ruling concerning electromagnetic waves?

What is your opinion concerning the Smart meter?

Is it possible to refuse installation of a Smart meter?

Is a Smart meter obligatory?

What is the PLC from Smart meter ?

How does the PLC Smart meter work?

How do you block the PLC from smart meters?