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For whom is electromagnetic training intended?

  • For companies, to guide them within the framework of decree 2016/1074 concerning the protection of workers from electromagnetic fields

  • For any person wishing to carry out professional electromagnetic diagnostics in the workplace.To complete this training, it is absolutely necessary to follow the 3-day “Ondes Expertise” practical training coursein electromagnetic diagnostics (6 diagnostics under real living conditions).

A unique opportunity to benefit from an “Ondes expertise” training !

Training Programme

Training Programme

1. Theory aspects:

  • What is an electromagnetic auditin the workplace ?

  • What are the officially recognised measuring deviceswithin the framework of the decree 2016/1074 ?

On site demonstration with the spectrum probe analyser NARDA SRM 3006 certified by COFRAC

  • The means that exist for the protection of employees.

  • An official measuring laboratory compared to an independent expert. What are the advantages when you call on an independent expert? (The providing of solutions to reduce exposure to waves, personalized advice…)

  • Understand the European directive concerning the exposure of workers toelectromagnetic fields.

  • Understand the decree 2016/1074 relative to the protection of workers from electromagnetic radiation.

  • The effects of electromagnetic waves on the health
    Presentation and interpretation of official exposure limit values to electromagnetic waves.

  • Presentation of threshold values advocated by independent scientific studies(Bioinitiative SBM 2015) etc.

  • How are measures carried out?

  • Accompany an employer in the procedures/steps to evaluate the risks of exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

  • Protection solutions available and their implementation.

  • Creation of “white zones” for people who are wave-sensitive.

  • All the protection solutions against “electromagnetic waves” have been tested by the “Ondes expertise” measuring laboratory. We therefore know the best solutions to be implemented.

2. Practical workshops to help understand:

  • The three actions to take: eradicate the source, distancing from the source or implementing installation of protective barriers.

  • Carrying out of measure by the trainees. Ondes expertise has a very large range of wave-measuring devices.

  • On-site tests for protection solutions against electromagnetic radiation (fabrics, paints, shielded canvases, shielded electrical wires and sheaths…).

  • Demonstration and experimentation with the key steps in one or two test spaces

  • Implementation by trainees.

4. Written Report or Measure Report

  • How to present a company’s diagnostic report.

  • Report examples of diagnostics carried out for a company.

Duration : 2 days  – Dates et tariffs : on request

Ondes expertise has carried out many electromagnetic diagnostics for prestigious companies and local authorities:

  • Building belonging to the Regional Council region Provence, Alpes, Côte d’Azur in Marseille.

  • The Paris offices of the national newspaper “Le Monde” (both old and new buildings)

  • Nurseries and schools

  • Medical practices, new technology companies

  • Shops

  • Concert halls …

Examples of electromagnetic diagnostics carried out by Ondes expertise within the framework of decree 2016/1074 concerning the protection of workers from electromagnetic exposure

Bâtiment Conseil régional PACA
Audit carried out on the premises of the Regional Council region PACA
Bâtiment du journal Le Monde
Electromagnetic diagnostic carried out in the Paris offices of the national newspaper “Le Monde”